Meet The Newest US99 Chicago Hottest Country Content Producer

Spoiler alert: IT'S ME!

Not many people can say they were offered their dream job before they even applied for it. That's right, the station's program director and I crossed paths at a bar in Chicago when I was already there as a Leslie Knope impersonator for a Parks and Rec pop-up.

We're going off topic for a second - I was hired for this gig after this video received 30,000 views on Twitter (133 RTs and 1,481 favorites too).

Before I started school at Columbia College Chicago, I had about 5 different people ask me if I knew that I looked like Amy Poehler. Yes. Yes I had. I refused to watch Parks and Recreation because I was told I resembled her character, Leslie Knope, in the show at least twice a month. Finally, I grew tired of re-bingeing The Office and gave it a try. Of course I fell in love with the show and started to see the similarities other people saw in me.

I was majoring in Television Writing and Producing at Columbia while taking as many comedy classes as I could. I was thrifting with a friend one day and we found a grey J. Crew pantsuit in my size that I decided to try on for fun. The resemblance was close enough for me to finally give in to the joke and make the most of it. During this time, midterm elections were going on. That same friend and I grabbed a camera that weekend, shot a video of me in my $4 pantsuit running around Chicago making sure people were registered to vote, and put it up on Twitter all in about 8 hours.

Joining The US99 Team

Marci, the station's program director, had seen my video and wanted to come to the pop-up to meet me. She asked to see my portfolio after exchanging contact information. I was hired shortly after she viewed my work and was brought on as a Digital Content Producer for Jason and Katie in the Morning! My job was to help Jason and Katie produce and shoot funny videos like the Leslie Knope one to increase their social media following.

The first one we shot was something we called, "Jason and Katie Cash Ride". (It was basically reverse Cash Cab). We would hop in Ubers and surprise the drivers with money anytime they would get one of our trivia questions right.

Katie and I were ready to throw Jason's buttons into the river by the end of this shoot but overall it was a huge success! Our 2020 Mantra: Kindness. Or as Jason likes to say, "Spreading the love, spreading the kindness!"






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